Cardboard Shredder Machines, Uses and Benefits for Business

Published: 20th October 2010
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A cardboard shredder machine is an item of equipment equivalent to a paper shredding machine but with much more power. This power enables it to devour its way through any number of thicknesses of cardboard. Depending on how powerful they are, your machine may be capable of chewing its way through card or paper up to one inch thick!

Have you considered the following advantages to cardboard shredding machine ownership? Any business with a lot of cardboard incoming can benefit from card shredding machine possession.

Mail order operations that purchase products shipped in bulk and sell items individually might benefit from these machines. You receive goods in with cardboard boxes that then gets broken down and sent out as waste (and cost!). The employee overheads of breaking up boxes should be better used shredding the card.

Benefit number one to your business of cardboard shredders: You will be able to use your incoming cardboard packing as outbound shredded card padding for your outgoing packets. You will not only minimise your packaging costs by using free shredded cardboard but also minimise your waste removal overheads by creating less waste.

Secondly, there is a green profit. Companies gain from exhibiting their green credentials. Your business can now gain from advertising that you reuse your waste card. Make sure you inform your customers about your eco-friendly procedures. Cost savings can be used for bigger profits. Alternatively, pass the savings on to your customers by giving lower prices.

But what if your enterprise doesn't need outgoing packing filler? If you don't need packing spacer, you can still profit. There is a market for your shredded cardboard and you can market it. That's right, if you use the processing time normally attributed to breaking down your cardboardboard waste to shredding your cardboard, you can package up the shredded cardboard and sell it as animal bedding or packet filler. Equestrian centres and specialist livestock producers are suitable customers to approach for this highly versatile and hypo-allergenic waste material.

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